You Should Fork This

ranch with a fork in it

GitHub is cool and appeals to hip programmers. But most mortals recoil in fear. "Repo"? "Fork"? "Merge"? WTF?

I offer you a chance to try some simple what are really just edits to the lyrics and old song below. What you will need is...

  • A GitHub account (free!) Login or git... er get one
  • Go to the file for in the github repo (repository or just "place were the stuff is")
  • Click the pencil icon in the top right of the document area, a.k.a "Edit"
  • You will be prompted to fork a copy of the repository to your own account. Fear not! This is just so you have a local copy to work from (when you submit your changes to GitHub, it just looks for files that have been changed). Then the pencil icon will truly be one that edits.
  • It's coded in Markdown (a kind of HTML-ish way to design web content), but you do not even need to know what that is, just edit the text part where the lyrics are. Or experiment away with doing crazy things.
  • When you save, you will be prompted to send a merge request, because you are asking to merge your local changes with the "master" (add a comment to and let us know the backstory!).
  • It will be pushed to the public site when I get a chance to click the commit button. I do not have commitment issues!

You can see how it looks by visiting

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? go there and fork the thing called!

Photo Credit: Public Domain (CC0) licensed ranch building and fork images from pixaby